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If only I could write a review..for this book

One of those books where it hardly took 3-4 pages to get hooked on to. The reason for the quick connect was the book of a parent and by a parent (which I learnt later). The bond between the father and his daughter and presenting the story from a father’s viewpoint appealed to me a lot. Another reason was the story-teller (i.e. the father) himself – his aspirations and his

Another reason was the character of the storyteller (i.e. the father) himself – his aspirations (to be a writer) and his freakiness (for correct usage of English). I can perfectly relate to this as well.

The novel in reference here is  “If I Could Tell You” by Soumya Bhattacharya. It’s a very beautiful and touching experience of a father and how he expresses this to his daughter.

The story starts as well as ends with the father narrating memories and events to his daughter through a letter. Memories right from her birth, to naming her, to deciding her school and finally the situation which led to the tragic end. I like happy endings and so it the end actually left me distraught.

As parents, I think we have the moral responsibility of bringing up the kid. And responsibility doesn’t mean that finances are provided for. Isn’t it?

To be honest, I don’t know if my experience with the book would have been so intense, had I not been a parent myself. The happy moments made me happy, while in the not-so-happy ones, my heart went out for the little kid.

With all this, I actually don’t know if I can call this as a book review as I haven’t written much about the book. It was a nostalgic as well as emotional experience.

I would rate this novel as a nice read.




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