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What does my reflection say?

I look in the mirror
Stare at my reflection
I wonder who’s that?
With a smile on my face
And questions in mind
Me and my self begin to chat.

The picture is crystal clear
No room for illusion
Though years ago
I’d say there was
Good deal of confusion

Born as a daughter
Grew up as a sister
School and college
Made me a friend
And a patient listener.

Soon I was a professional
Working hard, working long
Trainer, Mentor, Manager
Consultant, Analyst, Team member
I simply took whatever came along

Then came the romantic era
Winds of love entered my life
From a friend I turned to a beloved
And then became your wife

Blessed with a little angel
Marked the beginning of a new chapter
I still remember afresh
Holding her in my arms
for the first time and thereafter

A mother I am, and will always be
And that’s what the mirror shows
When I see.

So I always smile
Looking at my reflection
Cause it’s probably not the mirror
But it’s you and our little one,
I visualise smiling
With lots of love and affection.

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