Poetic Corner

The Good Vellas

Rolly with Bindi,
Akshi n Shalini draped in sari.
Stunning and awesome
In their new look
Well, it ain’t because of costume
but the cool attitude they carry.

Compassionate and generous
Witty and humorous
At times crazy,
At times lazy,
Always caring,
and always grooving.

Hardly a few months,
but they have made me feel
we’ve known for ages.
I wonder with them
anyone can be a new entry
in the old file of yellow pages.

Call it happiness
Call it blessing
Nothing else could’ve been better
And probably the reason why
I am expressing

Glad I met these
jolly good fellas
who proudly call themselves
as Vellas 🙂

[While I have mentioned only a few names, this is dedicated to all my fellow Zumbaities. Accustomed to see everyone in the workout outfit, their looks in traditional Indian attire just took me by surprise, a pleasant one of course.]

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