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Lets bring in some harmony

I see it around me
and see it spreading
Will it seep into me
I wonder?
Chaos, disorder and lack of focus
Is here to choke us
I fear!

As the anarchy takes over
I wonder who am I?
A spectator, a catalyst
or a savior;
I wonder what am I?
The cause, the effect
or the carrier.

Can I stay aloof?
Like a water droplet
floating on the lotus leaf;
Or should I take the charge?
Be the wind of change
and bring some relief.

Yes. That’s the spirit!
I have found the way,
Need to gather some will

The time is now.
And the time is to act.
Go for it;
Take a step and then take two,
Soon there will be many
catching up with you.
Just keep going and don’t retract.

Fortune favors the brave,
So does the Lady luck
Show that you dare;
Show that you are tough.
Hold on to faith,
When you are stuck.


There comes the dawn
There comes the peace
Now take a brief pause.

Relax and smile
The effort, the pursuit
has after all been worthwhile.

Continue the journey,
Take it in your stride.
Don’t worry about the results,
As success comes only
to those who tried.

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