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5 habits for a good life

Who doesn’t want to lead a happy, a healthy and a contented life?

Taking a cue from the achievers and based on some of my own experiences, here are some ways, which can surely get us there.

  1. Be an early bird

Waking up early has always been considered as a good habit. And there are many achievers who would vouch for it. For instance, check out the waking-up pattern of these successful people.


Just by waking up an hour or two earlier can indeed help you to do a lot more. Of course, waking up early doesn’t mean the minimum sleep time should be compromised. The work timings and preferences of people could be different. So figure out what would suit you the best, being an early bird or a night’s owl.

  1. 2. Keep the learning on

As part of our daily routine and work, we do end up having many experiences that teach us something. Besides that inherent learning, some dedicated efforts to keep ourselves updated or learn new skills and hobbies is essential as well. As they say, you cease to grow once you stop learning. Of course, it doesn’t mean leave everything aside and spend a lot of time in learning.

One hour per day can work wonders. Moreover, easy access and availability of numerous online learning options such as Coursera and IBM’s Big Data University, really need a good excuse to not to learn.

The capacity to learn is a gift;The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice – Brian Herbert

  1. Read a lot

Like many, I also consider reading as one of the must-have habits. Reading expands your mind and the ability to imagine and visualise. Needless to state, you can learn a lot as well. Many achievers have attributed reading as one of the reasons for their success.


There is no shortage of good books and reading material. Book reviews, list of recommended books by other readers can be at the good start, in case you are finding it difficult to choose what to read. You can check out Huffington Post’s compilation of 20 books recommended by ultra-successful people.

  1. Be minimalist

The concept of being minimalist is very simple. Have only the stuff which you really really need and de-clutter your home (as well as your mind) from the things which you have kept for so long and have never or rarely used it. Another aspect is to start cutting down the needs itself. You can read more about this being minimalist here.

I must admit, this is far easier said than done. It requires a great deal of self-control. To get there may be difficult, but once reached, would be a nice state to be in. Own less and live more.

5. Practice Yoga

While I have mentioned Yoga, it could actually be any physical activity. The activity that you do should not only focus on physical well-being but also calm you down from within and make you feel good. I don’t need to prove the benefits of Yoga. The unanimous acceptance by the world to have June 21 as the International Yoga Day says it all. Be it Yoga or any physical activity, what is necessary is to make it part of your daily routine.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.
– John F. Kennedy

Actually, there’s probably nothing new that I mentioned. Most of us would already be doing some or all of these. Further, there could be more habits and ways of living, which could help to lead a better life. I have compiled these 5 for now as I could resonate with these the most.

In one of my previous blogs, I had listed down 5 questions that I gonna ask myself. While these 5 habits do not correspond 1-o-1 to those questions, yet will result in affirmative answers to those questions.

Implementing these requires inner push as well and as perseverance, till the time it doesn’t become a natural habit. Once its part of your lifestyle, it starts happening sub-consciously.

Have a good life !!

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