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Yes, I can see you

This affirmative sentence indicates your life is off-track and that you are stressed and need someone who can help you out. Does this sound crazy? Not if you have read the Cecilia Ahern’s novel; If you could see me now.

I love Cecilia Ahern’s writing style. Her novels are quite motivational and so close to reality that you feel if the protagonist could move on with life, discover the inner self and stand back again, why can’t we in the real life?

Elizabeth Egan, the protagonist befriends and falls in love with a man, who is ELBISIVNI (to be read backward) to the world. Ivan is the man who can be seen by only those who are in the real need of friend. While he had come down to befriend Elizabeth’s nephew but it turns out that Elizabeth herself is in need of that support.

The strong personality which she carries along is just superficial. From within, she is all messed up. Ivan fills her life with fun, passion and happiness, and helps her to move on with life. Eventually falls in love with her. However getting her life on track implies his time with her is up and now he doesn’t want to leave her.

Like all other novels by the same author, this one also is an emotionally engaging book. It brings forward different perspectives and warmth of relationships. I was so much in awe with the concept of having an INVISIBLE friend and how I wished to have one. I don’t want this friend only during the rough times, rather all the time, through all ups and downs.

Bu then why you need invisible ones, when the visible ones are always there for you. Isn’t it? My buddies, you play the role of “Tangible” Ivan in my life.

It’s definitely a recommended read from me.

It could also be a nice gift you can give someone whom you want to give assurance that you’ll be there for them in all the good and bad times. And that you won’t disappear once your role is over.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I can see you

  1. Your review has made me want to read the book. True that it is great to have friends on our side through all ups and downs of life. But I feel, it also depends on how much you reach out and seek support of your friends. In today’s hectic schedules friends can keep in touch mainly through whatsapp/facebook and are able to meet up only once in a bluemoon. In such cases, friends may not always come to know what you are going through unless you explicitly mention it. Anyway, a good friend by your side is always indescribable!

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