Poetic Corner

The man of few words…

Hey you, yes you !!


Time now for you to know,

If not words

Let your actions show

Your Love, care, affection

Trust, warmth and passion.


Work and stress

needs friends to chill.

Health and fitness

gets you running on a treadmill.


Life is busy.

Life is hectic.

Should that drown

the need to be romantic?


It just takes a while

to be hugged and kissed

And silently say

“wherever I am, you’ll be missed”


It ain’t about missing

nor about being around

But assuring the other

Whenever you need me

“I’ll be found”

A shoulder to lean on

A hand to hold

Loving eyes

to say what’s not told.


That’s all she asks

That’s all they need

Their loved ones telling them

“I will always be

your friend indeed”


So the man of few words,

Break-free your good-old habit.

Be vocal once in a while

coz that for sure

will make her smile  !!

My poetic attempt (one.. to start with 🙂 )

This is equally applicable to both the genders. However to keep it simple, I chose to write it from “her” viewpoint.

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