The 5 questions I am going to ask myself everyday

While having a discussion about growth and aspirations in life, I got a feedback that I am not an ambitious person. Though this was an objective feedback, still it came as a blow to me. It disturbed me and as usual I disturbed my 2 A M buddy to help me out with this. A sweetheart that she is, in a composed manner she asked me “What do you mean by ambition? Is it money, power and position ? And if that’s the definition of ambition, then yes you aren’t ambitious

She had hit the nail !!

That one question made me realise my own perception about ambition. So what are my ambitions? To gain more and more knowledge and overcome my limitations. Pretty simple and ordinary, isn’t it? (Do these even qualify to be called as ambitions? )

Just before this episode I was discussing with my senior about my confused state of mind. To my surprise, he said “At times its good to be confused and not know whats to be done. Its only then you’ll ask questions, try seek answers and not settle down being complacent”. We had long discussion around this and I still wasn’t fully convinced about this perspective, however I must admit he’s got a point.

Even before this, while reading the latest issue of The Vedant Kesari, the editorial piece had given me good food for thought. There was an anecdote in the article about a Nobel-prize winner scientist. When asked what made him a good scientist, his reply was that his mother used ask him everyday after the school – Did you ask a good question today??

Its not coincidence that these events/discussions have happened sequentially. I know these are signals for me to find my way out.

A big thank you to all those who have made me think 🙂

And to reach to clear state of mind, I have decided to ask myself these 5 questions before I go sleep every single night?

  1. Did I read anything today?
  2. Did I write anything today?
  3. Did I take any efforts to learn anything today?
  4. Did I come out of my comfort zone to do anything? (which probably I had been procrastinating for long)
  5. Am I feeling contented today?

Every day may not be the same and everyday I may not have positive responses for all questions. The “Yes”s and “No”s however will show me the direction I am heading to.

P.S. For today, all the answers are YES.

3 thoughts on “The 5 questions I am going to ask myself everyday

    1. Thanks buddy. And talking to buddies also enlightens you. I can remember so many of ours such conversation. Oh.. do I see another blog post coming up !!


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