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6 principles you should practice on your spiritual journey

If you are in the quest of understanding the guiding principles of spirituality, then here is a quick reference guide for you. The Transcendental Yogi Life with Eternal Stories by Sumit Singh. The book isn’t about a Yogi’s lifestyle, its rather highlights how simple living, clear concise, having faith can help you to live a peaceful and contended life.

As its widely said you don’t need to renounce the world to understand or experience the spirituality.

For me the most appealing aspect of the book was intertwining of stories and the spiritual philosophy. If we actually sit back and think, somewhere we know all this (after all all minds are connected), however we may not be actively pondering over it. But then some of us take the task of putting the ideas together for the benefit of the large. Kudos the author, Sumit Singh for this.

Every chapter starts with a story and followed by the philosophical insights. By the time you are done with reading insights, its the time for next story. It really made the reading experience a pleasure.

The book is pretty decent, crisp and it touches the deepest of thoughts. And the author ensures your grey cells sart working by providing a lot of food for thought.

This simple and short book is worth being in your reading list.


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