Sharing is caring

Not sure when and where exactly I have heard or read about this phrase. However now I often get to hear these words in one of the nursery rhymes which my daughter watches on #youTube (Kids nowadays know it all). Actually its the same rhyme which I studied in my child hood days – Baa Baa Black Sheep. The difference now is that somebody has taken efforts to add the reason why the Black Sheep is giving away wool to other people (lets forget the commercialisation part).

I was quite impressed and thankful to whoever has updated the rhyme, as it answered my daughter’s query even before it came to me. Whether she has understood the its meaning, is a different question, but I generously use this phrase whenever I want her to share something with anybody. What the Mickeys and the Baa Baas, any day have more weight-age than what Mommy says.

Neither the Black Sheep nor my daughter are the reason why I am writing about sharing. Its actually a notification that reminded me I had to express my gratitude to the all the people out there who write so much content, share their views, opinions and experiences, which makes life easier for so many other people.

What was the notification? It was from WordPress stating someone has liked my blog and has started following me. When I checked who it was, I realised last time when I was interacting with that person I had mentioned I am going thank everyone through my blog and I never did it. Also, that day we had discussed about the book – The Secret and the concept of gratitude is mentioned in that as well. To be honest, I am not practicing the teachings of The Secret.

The Internet (Of things) has transformed our lives. There is no doubt about it. Online shopping and online booking of tickets, hotels etc. has become so integral part of our life that it makes you wonder, how come people survived without internet !!!

So why Thank you??

The help that the community is doing for the community by posting their reviews and feedback, is extremely useful and does impact the decision about going ahead or not, with the product, or hotel or anything. Likewise, you find the answers for any damn query (at least for most) that’s in your mind. As a new parent (or even a settled one now), I was relying so much the inputs and the experiences of all the other mothers, who are sailing in the same boat. And trust me, it’s such a relief to know that you are not the only one feeling this or experiencing this.

All this was not possible, of course without internet, but also if people wouldn’t have taken the efforts to share the experiences and voice their opinions. I am aware, in some cases you do get paid for it, but how does that matter?? Be it free or for some compensation, I haven’t ever written any review, given ratings, or opinions. So whoever are doing it, I am really really thankful to them. It’s actually a service to mankind.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all. The good work you all doing has a great impact on my life. Keep up the great work and hoping that I too join this brigade soon.

To close, the lines from the updated nursery rhyme

Sharing makes our life happy Baa Baa

The more we share, the more we have  Baa Baa

Sharing makes our life joyful Baa Baa

Sharing is the way of caring Baa Baa


(Image courtesy – again Internet)



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