Physical proximity vs. mental connect

Came across this image somewhere. Guess, from some video which has gone viral on social media. In fact the caption for this image was “How this video changed my perception..”


This is a very common sight that we come across. I pity the female who just holding her cup and looking at others. Its not just about mobile, its about all those “things” we are pre-occupied with even when “living beings” are around us. With the instant messengers cropping up, you find people more prompt to respond to a watsapp message than to your mother who has been calling you so many times for dinner !!

Earlier I used to think that physical presence /proximity does matter for relationship. However if the situation is like this


you are better off with “online” date. At least then more attention can be expected.

I remember, when my kid was born, after a few months I had posted her pics on FB and my next door neighbor saw those images and it was then she realised that she has seen the baby yet. My friend was once telling me that she watsapp’s her son for lunch who is the same house.. Sad n scary !!

I saw in movie, the couple is in deep intimate situation and the guy gets a call. He attends it and rushes to some place he is been called. Then there was conversation and the person who had called this guys says “The fact that you attended my call and rushed here itself indicates you were not doing some important task”. Keeping the aspect of importance aside, what struck me was that what is the point in being physically close, where mentally you are not involved??? It is bitter but thats how it is.

An contrast example which I can state is of my maternal aunt. She is my mom’s elder sister. In spite of having mobile / landline, my mom and my aunt talk once or twice month. That also is missed at times. However they are always thinking of each other. Like my mom knows how her situation is and therefore refrains from talking at times, or visiting her place, though they both long to meet each other. Same is the thought process of my aunt. They both consider each others preference/situation over their own need to be connected. Which according to me is an great example of being connected always.. no matter the physical distance between them. Who will not want such type of bonding.. which actually has no bondage..

Lifestyle magazines and articles are full of content which talks about how social media has affected our lives, to improve relationships you need to keep your smart phones aside.. and etc.

The choice is ours, do we want to value the blessing in terms of having our near and dear ones around us OR get carried away in the flow..

[Images courtesy – world wide web]

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