What does is take to be happy..

In India, its summer time now.. or can also be said as the MANGO season.. Along with my nephew and daughter I have been relishing on mangoes. Yesterday I happened to get badminton rackets and was playing with my nephew and it was so much fun. The most ordinary activities still it made me alive and just reminded me of my childhood memories. The summer vacation.. mangoes.. indoor games..fights for playing badminton.. oh my god.. all it mattered then was will I get enough chance to play.. can I get one extra mango !!


(Courtesy : World wide web)

Once you grow up, you tend to forget or not take seriously the joy in small things.. Guess thats why we have kids around who always make us realise that happiness doesn’t mean an expensive doll or car.. rather it is playing hide and seek, rolling around in mud.. n eating mangoes to your hearts content.. so what if your clothes, face get messed up..

So.. what does it take to be happy.. a very little actually..

Thank you my dear kids.. for giving me this experiece

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