New year resolution.. already broken..

Like every year, this time I had made some resolutions. The main ones being – not to be sarcastic, not to be negative and stop nagging. Its only 6 days of the new year, and I have already broken them all. However am not disheartened. After breaking I realise what I have done and vow again not to break it. Just thought of cheering myself and people like me who start with enthusiasm and then somewhere lose the track.

So what are New Year Resolutions ??


And what do smart people have to say about the New Year Resolutions

“If everyone followed through on their resolutions, the consequences on humanity would be dire : the fast food industry would collapse, the gym would become unbearably crowded, and life style magazines would have nothing left to say.”

“Since it is traditional to break my new year’s resolution, I think this year I’ll try to be fat and lazy and see what happens”

“My new year’s resolution is not to make any new year’s resolutions. Now that I have broken it, I am all done with resolutions for this year.”

And the ultimate one.. my favorite Calvin and Hobbes


Compiled from World Wide Web.. Selected quotes and images which I enjoyed reading

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