Let go off

As the New Year arrives, celebration is in the air. People welcome New Year with new hopes, new dreams, new challenges and not to forget new resolutions.. Just as I was lazing back and reflecting, it dawned to me that the New Year celebration is so unlike of the very human tendency to cling on to things. Many of us (it of course includes me) find it so difficult to let go off things.. thoughts and people. We dwell in the past and thus compromising on the present and subsequently the future..

If we are so hale and hearty while accepting the New Year, why not same with life.. Why do we resist change, why do want to live in the memories of the past, why do we compare the present to the past and then sulk about it.. Many questions.. but haven’t really found any justifying answer. While it seems so perfectly natural to move on in life, still that probably is one of the most challenging tasks.

Getting a bit personal here, I have the habit of storing and preserving tokens (of any kind) for all the good (and also the bad) moments I have experienced. While I was cleaning my drawer today, I came across some chocolate wrapper around a decade old with some message written on it, a railway ticket which was for the bet I had with my partner a couple of years ago, a poetry written on a paper which was almost in bits by now and so on..

I felt nice and at the same time silly looking at all those. My near ones are aware of this habit of mine and often say while this is a rare habit, still kind of crazy and impractical. One should not be attached like this and just move on. Instead of focusing on collecting and preserving memories, focus on creating new ones. Even the body does not retain the most delicious food you ever had. Then why to not to follow similar way which in fact is in perfect harmony with nature. All sounds right, then why so difficult to implement.. for people like me..

I came across an article which was around importance of having some negativity in a person. Being all positive makes you lose touch with reality. There it was mentioned that the more you think about the good times you had spent, the more difficult it gets to overcome the relationship in case of breakup. So true.

Now that the New Year is here.. let me make a resolution to implement this simple philosophy in my day to day living.. Hope that the next year when I would be writing again on the New Years Eve, I would have some good experience to share.

Cheers and Happy New Year !!

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