Refreshing experience

We had bay decoration competition in our office, last Friday. I was super excited about this since after a long long time, I was about to participate in such an event. We all had decided a theme, and planned and allotted tasks for getting the material ready. Our theme was seasons and I was specifically given the task of collecting or finding out quotes and poems for every season. However the previous night, due to some reasons, I was upset. I was sulking right from the time I woke up on Friday, and with that same mind set went to office. First half, was all usual, work, work and work. And I did not do the task of collecting messages for every season.

Then came afternoon, and everybody in the team started preparing the decoration stuff and discussing ideas, how and where it should be put. The energy and enthu they all had, was awesome and also contagious. I was amazed to see everybody so charged up and ashamed that I was such a bore and did not even contribute anything nor did what I was supposed to. Then I thought for a while. When I joined my office, a fresh graduate then, I was also so full of energy. Always cheerful and chirpy, and having a wide circle of friends and colleagues, pulling legs of some or the other etc. Such a fun that time was.

So what has happened to me now.. Have I grown old?? Age wise, surely yes, but even in my thinking?? In my behavior?? When I look myself in the mirror I fail to find the same “old” me, which I was a few years back. Being old or young, is simply state of mind, isn’t it? What is preventing me to be “young” again? Why am I unable to come out of the so-called depression of mine? Do I have the answers, or I don’t want to accept the answers??

Well, while these are the thoughts in my mind now, that day, there was nothing that could stop me. I felt like being part of a group and did not feel lonely. Looking at the smaller groups within the team, who are more than colleagues, and are kind of best friends, I felt happy (and not sad or jealous.. why I don’t have any friends around).. Guess it reminded me of myself and refreshed some of my memories. I was happy and I was contented and at peace of mind. After returning home, I thanked everybody for giving me this refreshing experience, which was missing in my life.


Whether we win or not, doesn’t matter. The fact that we all had fun, itself is the biggest reward and motivation for us. The seasons teach us many things. Hope as the new year dawns, my life will experience a spring 🙂

I was again slipping into the negative mood, thought let me think about the good time and cheer up myself. And hey, it was an successful attempt

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