Writing Therapy

Came across an HBR article which about how writing helps to get over something. It had a few examples of how people were able to come out of the pain, or at least were on the recovery path, when they wrote it down, their experiences and their feelings. The article seemed quite familiar and my mystery was solved by the time I finished reading the article.. I realised.. Hey I am one real life example of, if I can coin the term, writing therapy.

I am kind of an introvert and less talkative person.. well.. orally less talkative person. The conversation between my brain and my heart goes on almost 24X7. There is so much going on in my mind (may be thats a general human tendency) and there is so much I want to talk. I have very few people around me with whom I can talk freely and these days I don’t mix up with people easily (Yes, I  have a fear that the moment I get emotionally attached to someone, distance gets created..) and so I resort to more writing. Now because I write, my comfort with oral communication has reduced. In fact, my confidence is now so bad that even with my partner, the discussion is through chats and messengers.

Writing definitely is good. Not only it prevents the spontaneous and thoughtless reaction (which has its own pros and cons), but also makes the writer think, introspect and look at the situation from a more holistic angle. Of course, writing cannot replace the verbal talk. There are some things which cannot be expressed through words, or which do not need words.. A simple touch, is enough. The look in eyes, the warmth in the hug and the care in the kiss, does it all. However, this also does not mean that writing can be totally done away with.

My personal experience with writing has been very soothing and very relaxing. There are times when I put down my feelings bluntly and don’t even think before writing. But then, once I am done with it, I am at a harmony with myself. Then I re-read what I have written (which again is not possible for oral communication) and helps me to understand the situation, the person and more importantly myself better. Realising my follies, and trying not to repeat the same again, is something writing has always helped me.

Some people do say, I think and analyse excessively, even when not needed. That has become my habit. It only and only because of my reflective writing, I am able to identify the weak points, the wrong points and then consider what should I be doing for course correction. And yes, I do acknowledge my strong points and writing helps to keep myself grounded.

In fact, since the time I have started blogging, I have observed that my spirits are lifted. There are times when I just want to be heard, without being judgmental. Thats what blogging definitely helps.. I feel there is somebody, somewhere who is listening to me. Our universe is like a big network and all of us are part of the universal mind. While God is omnipresent and listening always, this network further strengthens the connection and communication with God.. and also with our own inner self.

On the eve of Thanks Giving, I would like to thank everybody, and esp. the readers of this blog. It has always helped me and motivated me to write more. If any of you, wish to provide comments, feedback, advice or just a simple hello.. always welcome.

[This blog has been pending for a while, and somehow I was losing the interest to write. Somehow I have managed,and now after writing, again motivated. Writing Therapy works !! ]

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