The good, the bad and the ugly

The title may not be apt for what I intend to write, all I want to depict here are the three different personalities of me (or is it true generally as well?) – the rational me, the irrational me and the normal me (who has to take the decision)

In the theories related to power of mind, often duality of mind is mentioned. The terms conscious and subconscious mind, awake and sleeping mind etc. It basically implies that one part of our mind is responsible for taking decisions based on the inputs provided on the other mind. Often what and how ideas are implanted in the subconscious mind, is reflected in the conscious mind and hence our actions. Remember the movie INCEPTION !! We need to be very careful of the thoughts that we let enter our subconscious mind.

So who acts (or supposed to act) as the gatekeeper here.. The normal me.. My rational and irrational mind, I would treat them as semi-conscious mind as when the thoughts are being processed in the mind, I am aware, though not all the time.

When I am in bad or depressed state of mind (that due to the choice of my normal mind), I do realise both the rational and irrational mind are arguing and putting across their views. The irrational mind tries to correlate all the experiences and memories which showcase how things have been unfair to me, while the rational mind tries to justify and make me understand the situation and convince why I should dismiss the depressing feels.

My normal mind understands both side of arguments, and when it is not overpowered by any of the other minds, it feels why not to accept the theory of irrational mind. The normal mind thinks, it’s ok to be irrational at times, as this behaviour attracts attention. And yes, I accept I am craving for some attention, some pampering, some expression of assurance, love and care. Also, If the normal mind acts rationally, then there is risk of being taken for granted.

Wow, I am myself confused what I am trying to say.

The decision to select a specific pathway is tiring and of course difficult too. The choices that we make, is reflected in our behaviour, our character and our state of mind. So if you are facing constant depression, or are surrounded by negativity, analyse what goes in your mind, what remains and what is thrown out. ( I know it’s so easier to be said than done. I haven’t been able to achieve that as yet)

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