The most debatable topic.. Or rather topic having many conflicting views.. Public display of affection (PDA) !!! Every one has their own way of expressing their affection and love towards their near ones. Some are very open, and some are so reserved that it’s even difficult to make out if any affection exists at all.

While I was walking my way back to home, I saw a couple (that’s what I thought they were) and they both were facing each other, holding hands causally, talking, smiling and laughing.. Guess the long goodbye session was going on. The first thought that came to my mind when I had a glimpse of them – guys enjoy to your fullest now, these days won’t come again. Life after marriage or commitment is different. You come down from fantasy world to reality. And with this thought I realised I am so damn negative.

I don’t know whether I would love PDA, well to a certain extent certainly yes and that’s quite natural isn’t it?? Well I am not limiting here to my partner alone, but with all my near ones – my parents, sister, cousins etc. I have been brought up in an environment where once the kids grow up, any touch between them and their parents, or cousins gives a feeling of awkwardness. The only time I guess a daughter hugs her parents is during marriage, when she is parting the ways to her husbands house. And sons, unfortunately don’t even get that chance.

When I see free environment outside, in other families, I get the feeling of something is missing. It’s the same as when I see couples walking hand in hand, while I am all alone. My partner is strictly a no PDA, so the only thing I can do is dream 🙂

When I feel sad about all this and with a deep desire to have better way of expressing our feelings as a family, I get reminded of those families which are not even together, of abusive relationships, of living alone.. Then I realise I am so lucky.. To have my near ones around me.. So what if they do not express it openly.. After having the feelings and the affection is more important, isn’t it??

Ok. I am not fully consoled by this explanation which my brain gives and so my heart will always yearn for some PDA.

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