Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani

That’s the name of a Bollywood movie which means be whatever my heart is always Indian. With no offences to all the great cultures and civilisations of the world, I am in love and have tremendous respect for our Indian culture, history, mythology, traditions and all that.

To be honest, this is my newly found love. When I say new, I mean here only a few years old. For most of my life ( before I had this realisation), I was kind of a neutral person and also biased towards the mannerisms and cultures of other developed nations. Indian culture and traditions, I used to perceive with a biased mind of being superstitious or having no logic behind those.

I have been so so wrong !! Not only Indian, but any culture cannot be just pushed away like this. If we look deeper, every tradition, every ritual, had some good reasoning behind it. However over the generations only the mechanical portion of culture has remained and the deeper meaning has been ignored.

Thanks to the works of all brilliant people out there who have taken the efforts to dig out the information and have presented it the way so-called modern people will understand. I want to specially express my gratitude towards #Devdutt Paitnaik, whose writings have helped to understand importance of my own culture in a better and different perspective.

India has been viewed by many as the land of magic and snakes 🙂 I found this view quite amusing. During his US visit, our honourable PM, Mr. #Narendra Modi did mention this point and also mentioned excerpts from some of his earlier interviews. He was asked do Indians really play with snakes?? And his reply was.. Yes our ancestors did, and now we have come a few steps lower. Indians now play with the mouse ( he was referring to the computer mouse). What a brilliant pun !!

Getting inspired from these great people and also looking at the vastness and depth of our Indian culture, I have decided to try my hands at sharing my findings, and perspectives about my Indian culture. I may use or cite examples given by the experts in this area. However, that would be only for reference purpose and no copy right infringement intended.

With so much material around, my attempts may be like another one in the thousands already available. I am simply looking at this as a means to express my gratitude and thank God for making me an Indian.

Once again I repeat, no offences to other cultures and civilisations of the world. Who knows, in this quest of mine, I land up knowing the others as well. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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