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Dementors and Patronus

HARRY POTTER.. Another series having deep embedded meanings if you read between the lines. To create these concepts and weave them is such a exciting story is surely an extraordinary skill. Hats off to you J.K.Rowling !!

Those who have read the books or seen the movies, the characters – Dementors and Patronus are familiar. Dementors are the life suckers and Patronus brings back the light and the hope. If we relate this to our everyday life, the negative energy or people around us are dementors and the positive energy is Patronus.

I have been feeling quite low since many days. Things at my work are not going fine ( as per my expectation). In my personal life also I am having too many highs and lows. May be the work stress taking over or again my expectations from people around me are not me (well let’s not talk about whether I am meeting their expectations.. Answer may be no). My brain perfectly understands, the biggest reason is expectation and having that in first place itself is cause of stress. Also, I am holding back all the turbulence that’s going on within ( why it should happen is again a big puzzle as touch wood I have a perfectly normal life).

If I analyse, there won’t be a single day when I wouldn’t have cribbed about something. Sometimes I think it’s now so negatively embedded in my mind (not brain) that things will not be as I wanted, any dialog which I have with people around I try to over analyse it, try to search the hidden objective and then forcefully try to find out what’s negative about the whole thing. I am going nuts.

I am under stress and I don’t know which all forms the stress will take. The dementors inside me are always active or is it that am keeping them active? If not promoting, even not taking actions to curtail them? Have I started enjoying my stress and depression, in the hope that I can get some sympathy?? I am too scared even to find answers to these questions. What if it’s yes? Do I have any plan for course correction???

The only way to come out of this, is to focus on the positive energy. Consciously I need to think about all those good things, when the dementors try to push the negative thoughts. Consciously I need to divert my mind to other good things in my life, other activities so that the idle and evil mind of mine, does not get enough fuel to keep running.

I need to use my Patronus charm..

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