Thanks Google and the techno-smarts

Since past two days my iPad was not working. The touch screen suddenly stopped responding. A confession here I did blame my kid for spoiling it !! In fact a few months ago as well the sound of iPad had stopped working (and I don’t recollect whom I had blamed then, surely not me myself !!)

For me, iPad is primarily for time pass. Still when it was not working, I spent sleepless nights. Since when has it become so important in my life?? Not that it the only thing I have. My cell phone and laptop more or less have all those features (except for games) and Internet connectivity. So loss of one gadget should not have mattered, but it did.

It suddenly stuck me ( better late than never) let me try searching on #google if I can find any solution for the same and it would have been a shock, if I didn’t. Google is the best thing and the reliable buddy which can help you with literally any topic under the sun. Any query that comes to mind, I or for that matter most of us, resort to google. I feel handicapped if I have don’t have access to Google.

While Google is great and does its job well, equally important are the people who provide the content which then this search engine takes us too. The moment I started typing ‘iPad touch screen not ..’ I got so many suggestions for the same problem. I was relieved not only to realise that I would soon find a solution but also to know that there have been people like me who have faced similar problems.

Then what, I just opened one link, read the problem and the solution provided, tried it and lo.. here I am.. typing on my iPad !!!!

I want to thank Google and millions of people around who help to build all this content, take pains to post their issues, or write detailed responses on how to resolve issues and all other good and informative stuff that is created.

Thank you all.

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