Treading the less travelled path

A few days ago I happened to catch a glimpse of some award show on TV. Personally, I dont prefer to watch reality shows, and why, is still a big question for me. One thing is sure, these reality shows give a nice platform for talented and creative people (is it that I am not, and so I don’t like to see the same in others.. ahem… jealous !!!). The winners and famous lot from these talent hunt shows then get opportunity to perform at award functions.

This award function had a performance by saxophone sisters – M.S. Lavanya and M.S. Subbalaxmi. I was so damn impressed by their performance. Two women,  perfectly decked up in Indian Traditional wear and jewelry, and playing saxophone !!! That was something I would have never visualised. From their appearance, I would have thought they would play some Indian traditional instrument. But Saxophone !! That was incredible and unconventional. It in fact opened my mind-set, and also made me realise once again looks can be deceiving.

I enjoyed what I saw and I heard. And more because, seeing them enjoy their own performance. Included a link for one of their performances.

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