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The biased mind

Just finished reading The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie. Enjoyed the book. Like in the words of Mr. Hercule Poirot, my little grey cells got working :).. This book is the first Tommy and Tuppence novel written by her and also the first one of theirs which I have read. Usually I catch hold of any Hercule Poirot mystery and next preference is Miss Marple. Not really tried other ones.

And I was wondering why so?? I was first introduced to Agatha Christie books by one of my friends. My first book was Sad Cypress and it was Hercule Poirot mystery. Later on as I read more and more, I found out our dear old Poirot is quite famous. In fact I remember my friend telling T&T are not that great. I don’t recollect whether it was for some specific book or in general. And I guess that feedback remained in my mind.

I made a judgment without even experiencing it myself. Of course, feedback and learning from experiences of others is as important as getting some first hand experience. While this was just a matter of book and sooner or later I would have come across the other characters once I would have finished all HP mysteries.

Another incident happened 2-3 days ago. I had been out for shopping with my family. We were about to proceed to the food joint when my hubby said that he wants to visit the restroom. I was waiting for him. 10 mins passed, then 20 but no signs of him. Now he has habit of excusing himself like this or any other reason when he has an important phone call to make or catch up somebody at the same place. I was fuming with anger for his disappearance. I am not against all this, but just want to be informed.

I was about to leave the place when I saw him. He was so normal and casual as though nothing happened and my face was showing it all. It was then he handed me a gift, a brand new cell phone. I was stunned. Too happy to speak and at the same time too ashamed with my thought process. Here I was angry and there my sweetheart was buying a gift for me. I was judgemental on this occasion as well.

When you a person, or their habits, or get feedback and opinion on anything, does this information still allow us to think from an unbiased perspective?? I think in most of the cases no. It takes great deal of effort, conscious effort to ensure knowledge about the past, knowing history or having insider information, does not influence our actions or our views. Well, at least that has happened with me most of the times.

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