Just recollected that a few months ago I had thought of writing about the James Cameron movie AVATAR. Well this is not any movie review, rather trying to decipher the deep embedded meaning. (I have been accused by many that instead of looking at movies as source of entertainment, I analyse and try to look beyond)

Avatar.. What do I say about it !!! The visual and the 3D effects were stunning, truly everything was beyond my imagination. Larger than life. Impressive. Before I had seen the movie I used to wonder, why the Sanskrit word Avatar??? In Hinduism, avatar means incarnation or manifestation of the divine or God on the earth. Most commonly used with Lord Vishnu, whose avatars appeared whenever the earth was in trouble.

While watching the movie for the first time, I was still wondering, why this name?? It was only towards the end when Jake opens his eyes in his new form.. Or Avatar..it stuck me why this name..

Avatar is not just a movie.. It’s a concept.. Importance of being in harmony and close to nature. Even when an animal is killed, the Navi’s pray for the departed soul. The tail which they use for making connection to other beings or to the sacred tree Eywa, is again something which ensures all beings are close to each other and importantly to Mother Nature.

Since my knowledge is currently limited to Indian philosophies, there are many scriptures and great sages, including Swami Vivekananda, have put forward the concept of universal mind and that all beings and their energies are part of the universal mind. This I felt was conveyed when Neytri was explaining Jake about the sacred tree Eywa. In fact the scientist, Dr.Grace, also talks about neural network or schema, which again points to the concept of universal mind.

Another scene around this was when Jake was made one of the Navi tribe member, in the function, the entire tribe is together and touching each other and finally to Jake. The reason being to pass of the energy or in other words highlight the effects of synergies. It’s this energy which gives Jake the new avatar at the end.

One touching moment which I want to mentions -when Jake prays to Mother Nature / Eywa to help him, support him to fight against the humans, Neytri says nature is neutral and does not take sides. And when during the war, all the animals charge against the enemies, and Neytri cries saying Jake Mother Nature has heard your prayers.. Wow.. Even today when I see that I get emotional.

While I am writing all this and the entire movie is running in my mind. Every scene has something or the other to say. Not a blog, but would become a story book, by the time I complete all. Only this much for now.

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