Indeed.. Time flies so fast

Today my little one took her first steps of walking independently. We all were so overwhelmed, were encouraging her and then ended up cuddling her for this new achievement. A few weeks back, to be precise I think 3 weeks back, again it was a Sunday when she stood up without any support and ours was the same reaction.

Being a working mom, I had this kind of fear in mind what if I miss the moment when she takes her first step. As luck favoured me or because it my deep desire to be with my little one, on all her first milestones, her first steps also happened in front of me. Thank you so much God.

So my baby.. Now a toddler, would be soon walking, running around here and there.. One year, two months and 17 days just went by. At each milestone, all of us being happy at your achievement and same time feeling that little one is growing up.

You know sweetheart, it’s a pleasure to see to you grow.. All in front of my eyes.. To see how you learn, how you observe and then repeat.. In fact that’s a bigger learning for me as I need to be more careful in what I speak, how I speak, how I behave.. As you will repeat what you see. So if I have to make you a good human being, I need to be good first.. (I think I am, but there is scope for improvement)

I just wanted to record this moment and my feelings.. Love u my baby.

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