Practice what you preach

The age old saying.. I have seen a very few cases of actual implementation. I myself am a big example.. Of not following it .. Should I say consistently?? Because at times I think I do..

Had a note worthy experience today. I had been to doctor for periodic vaccination of my kid. The experience was as usual horrible.. To see your young one crying and you can’t do anything.. While its for her good.. Still I was feeling so helpless. After the vaccination, the doctor put a small sticker at that spot. We came back home, she slept and all was ok. Then she wakes up after a few hours, probably remembers how she was tortured and tries to find the injected spot and when she finds that, the small bloody sticker over there, started crying and communicating in her sign language how she was hurt.

Now this was not one of those painful vaccinations and so I was wondering what happened.. She repeated this many times.. Showing us the sticker, and crying. Took some time for me to realise, she is just crying by remembering the incident.

That made me think (as usual) and rather reminded me of the conversation I had with my friend a few days ago. He gave me some example of how one teacher was explaining human nature. It goes like this..

” Suppose I tell you a joke.. A good joke and you really liked it, you would laugh to your hearts content.. When I tell the same joke again, you may still laugh but not as you had first time, when I tell thrice, four times, 5.. 6.. You may not even be interested and if at all you listen, you may not even laugh. Now let’s talk about sorrows.. Don’t we keep them in mind almost like kind forever and then think about it, cry or feel how life has been unfair with us.. etc. and certainly we don’t mind recollecting the same pain.. The same bad incident all the time..”

I was like.. How true.. I do that all the time.. Any small fight or argument I have.. My smart mind will bring forward all those past incidents and provide fuel to the fight..

Today when I saw my kid doing it.. (She wanted to get the attention.. The extra hugs n kisses).. I was explaining her.. The pain is gone.. Don’t keep on harping it all over again.. It stuck me.. Don’t I do it.. Hasn’t she inherited that from me.. Certainly I was not practicing what I was preaching…

As rightly said by my friend.. You learn a lot while you are trying to make your kids learn. Kids state facts.. Kids observe and imitate.. So if your kid is doing something wrong.. First check are you the inspiration ???

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