Happy for you

Even though had decided not to access FB, randomly I do scan through.. Sometimes because I am waiting for some updates (and am sure will get those on FB) and sometimes just because am bored and not feeling like doing anything worthwhile.. So go to FB..

Today was one such ‘time pass’ day and I came across a nice message written by my colleague’s husband on occasion of their anniversary. Theirs has been an uncommon love story and after going through a rough patch of convincing their families, finally they got married last year. Life is now smooth and happy and in fact, people can actually sense the satisfaction and content in my colleague. With respect to work, we don’t have that great equation and neither we are friends, still somewhere deep in my heart I really feel happy to see them happy. I don’t know why and nor think the reason or rationale behind it necessary.

A few days back I also came across another update, about my schoolmate.. Who got married a month ago and had posted his honeymoon pics. He is the same schoolmate about whom I had written a blog previously (children are cruel). Seeing him settled in his life.. Gave me a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness.. Again, he is not my friend, nor I am in touch with him.

In both the above cases, apart from the fact that I know these people and have considerable time with them in school and office, there is no other connect. Still I am thankful to god.. For filling their lives with happiness.. And sincerely wish.. All their dreams come true and they live happily ever after..

My colleague.. My schoolmate.. Am happy for you 🙂

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