Being professionally extrovert

I am at that stage in my career where I can say that yes I am expert in my area. Having worked across in many geographies and so many agencies, have a good experience in my kitty too (hope am not sounding pompous). I do participate in many forums at global level and am part of a few group dedicated towards the subject.

I probably fall under the introvert category and also not the one who socializes easily. So when we are having discussions in the forums, I am generally quite and talk only when the main subject comes up. The general chit chat which other do say about weather, or share a joke.. I don’t participate. Further another nature of mine is that I don’t speak up until I am 100% sure. In case of doubt, I prefer to stay silent and respond saying I will get back later.

I have noticed that being expert or knowing subject alone does not make you famous or respectable. You need to be social as well. People need to know you and you need to have view on everything if you want to get noticed. Have come across people, who may know a little, but literally take charge of the whole discussion. They lead the discussion, drive it so as to reach some conclusion. They act like catalyst.

I admire that quality and do look up to such people (even if they don’t know anything about the subject). Of course, sometimes it also implies, marketing your thoughts, or showing off the knowledge. And I am bad at all of these. I do believe, your work speaks for itself. But then, am I making this belief as an excuse and shielding myself? There is no harm in being social, putting forward your views (even if it is wrong). I want to improve myself on this front. Not only it is beneficial for professional growth, but am sure will help me in my personal life too. Wondering how do I implement this change. Will personality development classes help?

I have been thinking about this for quite some time, trying to come out my comfort zone, but not clear how to go ahead.

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