Focus.. On what you have.. What you can

How many times it has happened that we crib about the things the way they happen or complain because they don’t happen. A few days back I got a feedback that there is a lot of negativity in me and that I don’t have a practical approach towards life. Wont say that was shocking but the way it was told and also the person who told me is my close friend.. Left me wondering.. Surprisingly instead of understanding the feedback the first thought of mine was negative.. why wasn’t I told this earlier !!

After that feedback, I have become cautious about the thoughts entering my mind.. however that is limited to the event that lead to this feedback. Other areas, I am still the same cribbing and complaining.

The section which I am reading now in the Chicken Soup has stories about winning out of the odds.. How people with some disabilities have pushed themselves hard to achieve their goals. What I liked or rather admire.. is the attitude.. the spirit to achieve their goads.. live the life they want to.. One common thing which I noticed all these special people never thought they had something less while the others around them thought they are and constantly reminded them. Instead they chose to believe in what they have.. as said by one of the persons.. before my accident I could do 10,000 things, and now I can 9000. Instead of worrying about the 1000 I lost, why not to concentrate on the 9000 that I can..

So true.. How insignificant and small.. I am in front of these great people. I have everything in life.. and still I am always focused on what I don’t have.. feel upset when things don’t happen my way.. Now with this realisation.. need to gear up.. improve myself.. And have the right focus..

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