Is this my last time ???

I had started blogging with full enthu and with a resolution that I will write regularly. [that reminds me my friend had once told me that even ‘once a year’ is considered regular if done every year]. And now I don’t even remember when was it that I had written last time.. Few weeks ago? Or was that (months ago??

This is one of my biggest weakness, I start with great enthu, but fail to carry on that spirit. Now that I am writing, I remember another resolution of mine was, I won’t take up a new book for reading unless I have noted down some kind of review in my blogs. Not a surprise, that I haven’t taken up anything new for reading.. Rather still stuck on the book I had picked up last..

I am reading Chicken soup for the soul.. Nice collection of inspirational stories. Every story I read.. Feel I should write something about it.. I opened that book after a long gap just to find myself on the stories related to passion and never giving up..

I felt ashamed of myself.. I realized that I just waste my time.. It’s not that I don’t get time to write, but I simply don’t.. Have no reason.. No excuse..

This is not the first time that I have left writing.. Or should I say I have been regular in letting go off writing. Again picking up from where I have left it.. My resolution though shaken.. Not broken as yet..

I hope I this was the last time that I have left writing.. [ hope !! Seems I am still not sure ]

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