Growing up with kids..

Raising up a kid is the most challenging task in this world. Right from understanding and interpreting, the coos and woos as a baby.. To answering all the queries of the inquisite kid… Requires parents to be on the heels all the time..

Another good thing about kids is that.. They improve your communication skills. Kids are far better at understanding than we think they are. while talking to them one should be as clear as possible and give them explanations as we would to a grown up.. And don’t be surprised if they grasp it well.. May be even better than grown-ups.. Reason being kids trust you the most and take every thing at face value.. They don’t doubt your intentions.. Accept whatever is said.. As is.. Hence be truthful to them and stick to what you have said..

Rules which hold true for you.. Are also true for them.. Of course there may be some exceptions…

When you commit to your child.. That you’ll be home by 6.. Make it happen.. Come by 6.. If due to some reason you are unable to make it.. Tell it frankly to your child and tell them why… If you take your commitments (however small it may be) casually, your child loses the trust and will follow the same example.. Our behavior as parent has a great impact on our kids..In their character building.. And their value system..

And that makes life as a parent .. Very tough.. No longer we can just preach without practicing or have a casual attitude.. There is somebody around always watching you.. Learning from you.. Following you as an example..

Be consciously aware of this fact.. And enjoy upbringing your kids.. As there is no other experience like it.. Happy parenting..

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