Fighting depression

Yeah writing on a tough and quite serious word…depression..

Like it’s said identifying the problem itself is half battle won.. Same is true for depression.. But sadly.. Many fail to realise that we may be suffering from depression.. May be. because of the social stigma attached. Or it’s also quite common that even after realizing, we fail to accept it. Depression is not a joke.. Not a temporary feeling.. And has to be cured.. If you wanna live a happy and healthy life..

Reasons for depression could be many and once we are on that path even what is quite normal starts becoming a reason. Like as many self-help books say.. Like attracts like..Same happens with negative thoughts .. Also with positive ones !!!

I don’t know whether I suffer from depression (post-natal depression is quite common) but my mood swings are too bad.Unknowingly and sometimes knowingly, I dig out things from past or any insignificant event.. And feel sad about it.. I feel I want people to show empathy towards me.. How silly.. But true.. And on top of it.. because I am consciously aware of all this.. I feel guilty when I am out of the trough..

Recently My friend suggested me a very good technique.. Which will prevent from going in a bad mood.. Curing the root cause itself.. So thought let me share that..

It’s about building database of all good things in your life. Think of say 10 good qualities or attributes.. Gratitude, Courage, Love, Loyalty, Trust, Honesty, Sharing, Belief etc. For every attribute note down events, people… Associated with it.. And what you feel for it. Keep a target say.. A week for an attribute.. Select as many qualities as you want and write about it.

That becomes your ‘the feel good’ book. Start making it and keep on updating it.

Next time when you see negative thoughts approaching.. Simply open this book and read.. And you can notice the change.. It’s only the positive thoughts that can overpower negativity and fight against depression..

Feel good n stay happy

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