Few weeks back had come across a new piece which mentioned that soon the internet acronyms may be part of school curriculum. Somehow I am not comfortable with these type of “short-cuts” and dont use it frequently. Therefore I am “outdated”. I couldnt imagine how would be the interaction between me and my kid, if this becomes the “official” language in schools..

Today I came across some such acronym, which obviously I was unaware of and while searching it, I landed on the page which had list of all or may be most of the acronyms.. my god.. times change so fast..

So does that mean, in order to be in the present times or even to prepare myself for the future (to have conversation with my kid).. do i need to learn all this and also put it into practice.. the answer seems yes.. but then why am I reluctant.. why I dont want to change in this respect.. Am still the “old school” lot .. probably.. who keep on saying.. During our days 

By the way JMO means – Just my opinion. IRL (In real life), the only thing that is constant is change. IOW (in other words), I need to POAHF (put on a happy face) and accept this. LHM (lord help me).

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