Relative misery !!

How strange a human mind works.. Rather instead of making a general statement.. let me stay how weird my mind works.. at times 🙂

There was a person with whom initially my friendship was great and later on things went drastically wrong. l still find it diffcult to accept.. how could this happen. Well I am not going to write about those incidents, but fact to state here is.. now there is nothing left between us.

I was scrolling through FB and I noticed this person had “liked” photograph of some common friend of ours. Well thats ok. In fact the photograph is really nice, anybody will like it, i think. Now the twist here is that I also had uploaded some photographs (not mine though) and this person dint “like” it and this disturbed me.

Ideally speaking there is no need for me to be bothered here, but still I am… And I am trying to find out the reason.. Why..

Am I feeling jealous ?? Can’t be. There isn’t any scope for that.. At least in this case because it wasn’t my photograph, just some random click. While I am writing this blog, it struck me.. May be I felt.. I wasn’t given any importance.. And that’s so silly of me to think like this. Here is a person.. Who doesn’t have any place in my life.. And still I am bothered by the actions?? Or it’s an indication that I still have some regard for that person. Even that’s cant be (or shouldn’t be???) true.. Thinking of that person itself makes me uncomfortable.. Then why ????

And worse part it, in the process of feeling bad for this.. I completely ignored the fact that many of near and dear ones had liked the photograph..

Now this brings up a new question.. Why am I expecting likes??? Hmmmmmmmmmm….. To be explored later..

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