Movies with messages

There is a column in Sunday’s newspaper – Ozone and I find it as a good chicken soup for my soul (I should be saying vegetable soup though). Today the subject was self-confidence and giving importance to inner voice rather than seeking for assurance outside. Instances from a Bollywood movie – Jab we met, were given as examples.  Jab we met (means when we met) is one the finest Bollywood movies of recent times. Apart from being a fun and nice love story, it has many underlying messages. . well .. that’s my view. Here are a few dialogues or scenes from moviw which I find it worth remembering 

  1. Main apni favorite hoon, (means I am my favorite) – the protagonist of the movie is a vibrant and confident young lady full of enthusiasm and energy. She says that she loves herself the most. Well shouldn’t each of us, be doing the same as well? If we only don’t love ourselves, how can we expect others to. Its important that we learn to love ourselves, if we already don’t. Of course, loving ourselves doesn’t mean being vain, or being self-absorbed, but at the same time, we should learn to appreciate ourselves and accept appreciation from others too. Remember the way you treat yourself, is often the way the world will treat you. Feel yourself, and respect yourself. Seek solutions and confidence within first.
  2. Jo bhi insaan real mein chahta hai, actual mein, wo usse milta hai (means whatever a person desires from the bottom of heart and really wants it, he/she gets it) – this is essentially the power of subconscious mind. There are numerous books, articles and philosophies available on the concept of subconscious mind and all of them have similar message – feel it from within and you shall have it. Paulo Coelho in his book the Alchemist, has mentioned, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Such a powerful message. More the conviction you have, better are the chances of getting it. Another commonly heard funda is that God is always listening to your prayers, your demands, your wishes.., and you never know when God will say.. Tathastu (meaning so be it) or Amen !! So good for us if our approach and thoughts are positive..
  3. Kal uthke main kisko blame nahi karna chahati ki ji aap ke wajah se ye problem hua (means I don’t want to blame anybody that issues have happened in my life because of them). Life is all about making choices and decisions. And nobody else, but we ourselves are responsible for the options we choose. Hence always be aware of this, and whether good or bad, be ready to take ownership for actions. Many a times, we say that the circumstances were so and so but if analysed, you can realize whatever is happening is reaction to some of our actions.. may be immediate or of the past or may happen in future

Just tempted to watch the movie again.. its so simple and so clear.. and may be i can search for more hidden messages.. That reminds me another movie which  has even a more deeper concept embedded.. AVATAR.. will write about some time later.

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