Bye bye 2013

This new year, my resolution was that I will write at least one blog a day. But I guess like promises even resolutions are made to be broken. I have already defaulted on first two days, still will try to follow my resolution as best as possible.

2013 was quite an eventful year. I became a mom and that was probably the best thing I have experienced so far. Looking at my little one smile or coo when she looks at me.. Wow.. It’s an out of the world experience. Cannot describe in words.

Motherhood doesn’t mean physical change in body alone, its a big emotional change as well. Even otherwise, I have been quite an emotionally senstive person, pre and post natal phases, just made the emotional side of me worse. There have been nights which I have spent crying for no reason at all, or some big thing had no impact on me at all. While I was consciously aware that I am behaving like a moron, still couldn’t control it. I am really lucky to have such a wonderful person as my life partner. He has handled all my irrational behavior.. With a smile. I know I would have hurt him immensely but still he has never complained. Life has been more tough for him, than for me, still he always has been sweetheart.. Of course there have been times when I was upset with him for things he did.. But net net everything is good

Professionally as well, times were bit challenging. On one side I was expecting baby and on the other the work pressure was also high. I would have spent sleepless nights working. I am from accounting background and have learnt technology on the job. In spite, clients have touch based with me for technical matters and I feel that as a sense of achievement.

While I was engrossed in my work or in my emotional balance, I used to wonder, will this have any adverse impact on my baby. As per one of the greatest Indian epic – Mahabharta, or why the epic, as per Indian traditional beliefs, baby learns a lot while in the womb and hence expectant mothers are told to read reglious books or about great people, so as to have good impact on baby. I hardly did that. One thing is sure, my kid loves laptop.. And does that prove anything ????

Overall, am happy with what happened during 2013.. A lot many lessons learnt.. Lets see how do I implement it in 2014.

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