I am relatively new to this “blogosphere”.. and still not familiar with all the features and functions of working with WordPress.. Still haven’t figured out how to categorise the posts and create new categories.. which I think is too elementary and I should have known by now.. better to accept what I dont know.. rather than pretending I dont want to use those features..

I got some notifications on people following my blog.. or liked some of the blogs.. I was so happy.. Frankly I had never expected.. anyone will ever follow my blog.. or even like what I have written..

One of the reason why I started blogging was.. I was feeling lonely.. alone.. though I am surrounded by many people.. talk to a few on regular basis.. still there is no emotional connect.. I have had a very few friends in my life.. and we all are now engrossed in our own lives and responsibilities.. my best buddy has settled down in another country and due to time differences, work load in office.. household work etc.. hardly any time is left for anything else..

I am at such a stage in my life.. where there are lot expectations attached to me.. I am supposed to this.. do that.. behave like this.. present like this.. think like this.. etc etc.. I am being judged.. probably all the time.. and because of this.. of late.. I had got into the habit of fabricating my emotions.. always showed a happy picture.. a good picture.. no matter what I was feeling from within.. this suffocated me..

Being comfortable in written communication, I resorted to writing.. in the past I had maintained e-diaries.. but that was like one-sided affair.. while the moment its on the social-web.. its open to the whole world.. Someone somewhere will read it.. and that probably was important to me.. its like god is reading my thoughts via blogs.. and i wont be judged

And yes.. another selfish motive is.. who knows in this process.. I might make new friends.. connect to many people..

I would like to thank everybody who have visited my blog, liked it.. or are following it.. It has really motivated me.. encouraged me.. to write more.. be true to myself..

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