What do you call this?

There are a few people who I have seen are always facing some issue or the other in life. . problem with family members mostly..  and these people often open their heart out in front of me and I listen patiently, even though it’s the same thing they repeat.

Frankly speaking, I am not genuinely interested in hearing all those stories, but at the same time I cannot avoid them too.. Avoiding I feel is not appropriate as those people also need somebody who can listen to them.. I don’t have any solution to their problem either.. the whole situation is like.. one-sided conversation.

Analysing my behavior here, shows my dual nature.. I show that I am listening and try to be attentive to what all is being said.. but my mind is wandering somewhere else.. at times I even think.. when will the story end?? On top of it, if they ask me.. am I getting bored.. I find it difficult to say yes.. instead I end up telling a lie.. Oh nothing like that.. please continue and the conversation continues and I get further irritated from within..

So what is this – My external behavior and internal behavior are not in sync.. I feel something else within but express something else outside.. that’s sort of hypocrisy.. isn’t it?

Sometimes the ideals you set for yourself.. tend to be contradictory.. On one hand I try to be myself and truthful.. but unable to do it fully.. Is it better to frank and be a straight-forward to tell that I don’t want to listen.. or simply listen to them? While I know the ideal answer is.. listen to them whole-heartedly.. don’t be only physically present.. involve mentally too !! Something which I am unable to implement.. till date

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