Arise, awake, stop not until the goal is achieved

One of the most powerful and high impact quote by Swami Vivekananda..  Reading the quote itself is such an electrifying experience..  cannot imagine if I would have ever heard him live.. what would have been my reaction..

I remember someone had once told me that Swami ji’s teachings are no longer relevant as the times have changed.. one can no longer be noble and selfless in the present times.. well.. I don’t think so.. Indeed the times have changed but his teachings are always in vogue.. I am sure, this particular quote will continue to be true and have same powerful impact forever.. not only next 1000 years.. but even more.. till infinity

The point is so simple – work hard and ensure that the goal is met. As I have heard it is sometimes it is more difficult to understand simple things as compared to complex ones !! Probably the most difficult part here could be.. how to set the goal.. or rather.. what is a goal?? Unlike for football and hockey players, where the definition of goal is so clear.. many of us I am sure.. find it difficult to define a goal..

Well.. I may be wrong in generalizing this.. but I do get jumbled up so much.. that I end up confusing.. my desires.. wishes.. with goal.. The more clearer the goal is.. better are the chances of achieving it

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