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One of the latest books I read was One hundred names by Cecilia ahern (have mentioned the same in my first blog as well)

Known for her best seller P.S. I love you, this is third book by the same author which I have read. The book very well fits into overall theme which I have observed in her books read so far. The beauty of her books is that they inspire and motivate.. And that too in form of a nice story.. And yet so closely reflecting reality.. It has events and incidents.. Feelings and emotions.. Which most of us would have gone through at some point of time in our life.. And if not.. May be in future..

First screw up things in life.. Some knowingly and some unknowingly.. Then face the consequences and in that process learn how to accept reality and be accountable for our own actions.. Is what I liked in this particular book. Of course, there will be near and dear ones to support you. But unless you keep the fire burning.. Nothing helps..

There will be times when things go out of control, everything we do falls back.. During such times.. It’s ok to cry.. Crying is not sign of weakness.. But rather indicates.. You have been strong and sturdy so far.. It’s really ok to cry once a while. At that very moment.. Give a thought to what has happened.. And accept it.. If there is a scope for course correction, surely go for it.. It might take time to come back on track.. So have that patience..

Probably the one of the best times to understand yourself is.. When things go wrong..

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