Book Reviews

When the readers write !

It’s because of the writers, readers exists. And because readers read, writers write. What would be a life without books?

As much I enjoy reading and getting lost in the world designed by creative folks, equally I enjoy my reflective habit and reading is no exception. Book reviews, hence, was a natural extension.

As a small token of appreciation and gratitude to the writer fraternity, here is a reader who starts writing

Hear the readers !!
Here are the readers !! 
Watch them read and Hear them talk,
They all are different like cheese and chalk.
Biographies, Thrillers, Sci-fis, Philosophies and more;
Like them, you’ll also realize there’s a lot to explore.
Recommendations, review and peeping into the content,
Sharing their thoughts and ideas is the only intent.
Neither as critic, nor as profession,
They are into this, to follow their passion.
Read, Enjoy, Comment and Like;
And feel free to join their BOOKISH hike !!

@Readers of this blog – Thank you for reading what I write. I look forward to hearing from you.

@Writers – I am open for book review requests. Feel free to reach out to me.